As well as writing songs for his own albums, Ben has also written songs with/for -

Beth Rowley -

  • 'You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger' commissioned and written for the Oscar nominated film 'An Education'. 
  • 'Little Dreamer' - UK top ten album including the hit single 'Oh My Life' - BBC Radio 2 Record of the Week.

Duke Special - 'Tango Tangle' from 'The Silent World of Hector Mann'

Carleen Anderson - 'Night Falls' and 'Desiderata' from 'Alberta's Granddaughter' 

Tom Basden - songs from 'There Is A War' at The National Theatre

Clare Teal - 'Everything is You' from the film 'Confetti'

He is currently working with some up and coming artists on some exciting new material. Watch this space (if you want to).